I worked hard for this one! I had been looking for this species for 3 years. I had walked miles to get to hilltops where it was supposed to (sometimes) be found, but it was never found when I was there, even though other people seemed to find it without too much trouble (isn't that right Al?).
I went looking for it on Christmas Day, and I thought it very appropriate that I should finally get shots of the Golden Ant Blue at Christmas - unfortunately I didn't see the Frankincense Ant-blue or the Myrrh Ant-blue......
I consider myself to be very fortunate, because I saw 4 males and one female, and I got shots of both sexes. The female was very battered, and most of the males were a bit worn, but one of the males was brand spanking new, and quite a sight to see. All in all, seeing and photographing this species was a great Christmas present for me :-)

Katoomba - December 2010
Blackheath - January 2011, October 2011, November 2014
Bell - December 2016, December 2017