Other Common Names
Large Ant-blue

At Mt. Ngungun, which was quite a nasty steep climb, there were one or two of these butterflies, along with a larger number of A. cuprea. They mostly sat higher up in the trees than the other species, but fortunately one of them did come lower down for a short while, so I was able to get a fairly good shot of him.
At Spring Mountain the trees were higher - I only got a couple of shots because Mick Sands caught a specimen, which sat on his net for a few moments before flying off.

Mt Ngungun, Glasshouse Mountains, QLD - November 2008.
Spring Mountain, QLD - November 2008.
Blackheath - November 2009, January 2011, January 2013
Mount Tibberoowuccum, Glasshouse Mountains, QLD - February 2010
Ngarkat Conservation Park, SA - November 2017