Other Common Names
Cuprea Ant-blue

At Mt. Ngungun there were a number of butterflies hilltopping, including several of this species, along with a couple of A. brisbanensis. The Acros were flying around and settling on two small trees close to the highest point on the hilltop; brisbanensis was harder to photograph as it mostly stayed on the taller of these trees. Fortunately cuprea mainly used the lower tree, and even though it was windy I was able to get a number of good shots.

Mt Ngungun, Glasshouse Mountains, QLD - November 2008.
Mount Tibberoowuccum, Glasshouse Mountains, QLD - February 2010
Mount Sugarloaf, NSW - November 2010, December 2010, February 2011
Shoal Bay, NSW - November 2016, October 2018