Tillyard's Skipper

I paid a very quick visit to Brisbane in early March 2009, and was able to fit in a day's butterflying with my mate Mick Sands. Mick took me down to Queen Mary's Falls, near Killarney close to the NSW border. He knew of a roadside bank where this lovely butterfly could be found. It was 36C in Brisbane that day, but very cool and overcast at Queen Mary's Falls. Fortunately, a few of these butterflies were on the wing, and I was able to get a few shots.
I saw a solitary specimen at Barrington Tops at the end of January 2010. The weather was poor at the time, and the butterfly was sitting, shivering, in a small patch of grass near the Banksia picnic area on the Dilgry Circle. I was surprised to only see the one specimen - perhaps it was a bit early in the season for them.

Queen Mary's Falls, QLD - March 2009
Barrington Tops National Park - January 2010