Other Common Names
Common Pencilled Blue, Persimilis Blue

I started seeing this species around North Sydney in September 2004. The males always seem to be flying around trees on hill tops, generally too high for me to be able to get photos, apart from the day I didn't have my camera with me (of course!). The females sometimes settle low down, and so are easier to photograph. In bright sunshine they like to flutter slowly about in the dappled shade at the bottom of shrubs.
In October and November 2004 I saw a lot of these butterflies in the Royal Botanic Gardens. As usual, they were mainly flitting around trees. Occasionally a female would land lower down, so I was able to get a couple of pictures. I also photographed a male feeding from some Hebe flowers.

North Sydney and Waverton - September, October, November 2004.
Royal Botanic Gardens - October, November, December 2004; February 2005