Other Common Names
Blotched Blue

The first time I found this species I only saw it because one landed on my shoe. It quickly flew off, slowly and low to the ground, and I was able to get a photo of it. But only the one photo, as it flew off again and I lost sight of it.

I next found this species at Lawson, in the Blue Mountains, in late November 2004. I saw several specimens on this occasion - generally two of them in any one spot, which was usually shared (or disputed) with Hesperilla crypsargyra.

When I went to Lithgow in February 2005, I found this species to be very common along the top of the hills overlooking the town. They seemed to feel there was safety in numbers, as they were much easier to approach and photograph than I had previously found.

Ingleburn Reserve - August 2004.
Lawson, Blue Mountains - November 2004
Lithgow - February 2005