Other Common Names
Consimilis Blue

I first saw a female feeding from a flowering shrub in October 2004 in the Ingleburn Reserve. There were several C. hyacinthina there as well, and later on I had a suspected sighting of a male C. consimilis as well.

Obviously this butterfly looks very similar to C. absimilis, a species which I have seen several times around North Sydney but never (so far) anywhere near Ingleburn.
At one point this butterfly opened its wings, so I could definitely see it was a female. The reasons why I have identified it as C. consimilis are as follows :
a) It simply didn't fly like the examples of C. absimilis I've seen. This one was faster; it even landed in a hurry, in a way that resembles moths more than most butterflies. All in all, the manner of its flight could be described as aggressive.
b) It was feeding from flowers. I have not yet seen C. absimilis feeding from flowers.
c) The markings on the underside are slightly different. Partiocularly the two dots near the tornus of the hind wing, which appear to be something of a distinguishing feature between the two species (present in C. consimilis, usually one more vague, smudged mark in C. absimilis).

Ingleburn Reserve - October 2004
Kurnell - September 2008
Knapsack Park - September 2009, August 2012
Mount Sugarloaf, NSW - February 2011
Blackheath - October 2012, January 2013, January 2019
Bell - January 2019