Other Common Names
Cyprotus Blue

This was a species I had searched for many times, but never had any luck. Then I was walking along a trail near Lawson when I saw one or two of them flying around. They landed frequently, but not for long, but kept on returning to pretty much the same spot.
The following year I found them again in the same site - more individuals and over a wider area. The ones I saw were all males.

The specimens I saw around Brisbane in November 2008 were much bigger than those I'd seen in NSW and WA - absolute monsters! In September 2010 I was surprised to see several specimens around a hilltop at Glenbrook, at a site I'd been to many times before in the spring without ever seeing this species.

Lawson - September 2007, October 2008, September 2009, September 2010, September 2012.
Lesmurdie, WA - October 2008
Spring Mountain, QLD - November 2008
Blackheath - November 2009,November 2010, October 2011, September 2012, October 2014
Glenbrook - September 2010
Mount Alexandra, Mittagong - October 2014