Other Common Names
Common Dusky-blue, Dusky Blue, Western Dusky-blue

I'd been expecting this species to turn up in the Ingleburn Recreation Reserve some time in August. In fact I saw my first one on July 31st 2004. It was a male, who stayed within a small territory and spent most of his time basking in the sunshine with his wings open.
I saw a couple more the following weekend. One was definitely a male, and the other might have been a female, but I only got a brief glimpse of it with its wings open, so I couldn't be sure.
The easiest way to find these butterflies appears to be to find some low-growing flowers in or at the edge of bushland areas. They seem to spend a lot of time feeding from flowers, or basking in the sun close to flowers.

Ingleburn Recreation Reserve - July, August, September, October 2004.
Balls Head Reserve, Waverton - August 2004.
Lithgow - November 2004; February, September 2005
Just about any bushland area really