Other Common Names
Black Jezebel, Migratory White

I haven't seen these around anything like as often as I would expect to, considering everyone else seems to see them frequently. I do see them from time to time, but usually they're on their way somewhere and they look as if they won't be landing for hours. The closest I get is usually when they're feeding on bottlebrush flowers, and that's how I finally got pics of a rather worn female at Mount Annan.

This species was particularly common in the Autumn of 2008. They were to be seen just about everywhere in the Sydney area, and apparently it was the same on the NSW South Coast and in Brisbane.

Ingleburn - April 2004
Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney - May 2004, June 2008.
Mount Annan Botanic Garden - April and May 2004.
McMahons Point - May 2004.