Other Common Names
Chalk White

This is supposed to be a common species, but I hadn't been having much luck finding it. I did see one on the top of Mount Marlay at Stanthorpe, and I had it in my viewfinder, but not quite for long enough. I saw several of them in the hills around Herberton in January 2008. They are not easy to photograph, as they spend almost all the time fluttering slowly around, without actually landing much. I got one lousy shot of one the briefly landed in the undergrowth, and the finally after following one all over a hillside I was able to get a decent shot.

Stanthorpe, NSW - November 2008
Herberton, QLD - January 2009, May 2010
Jondaryan, QLD - April 2011
Googa State Forest, QLD - January 2014