I spotted one of these in May, whilst I was trying (and failing) to get photos of Delias nigrina, though I wasn't able to get close enough to see which particular species of blue I'd seen. I returned to the site during my lunch break as often as I could, until I was finally able to get some photos.
The butterfly I photographed was a male. I could see his blue colour as he flew, but when he landed he kept his wings closed.

I found a female in the Royal Botanic Gardens the following November. She was fluttering around a wisteria, and I thought she was a female Candalides absimilis, as there were several of them around. But when she landed underneath the leaf of a nearby plant, I saw she was this species instead. I was only able to get one photo, as she was rather timid, and it's a bit dim because she was in a shady spot.

Sawmiller Reserve, McMahons Point - May 2004.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney - November 2004, March 2006, May 2006, June 2008, May 2010, May 2011.
Mount Annan Botanic Garden - April 2005, April 2010, May 2011
Cairns - October 2005, December 2008
Bola Creek, Royal National Park - December 2005
Burleigh Heads National Park - December 2013
Coalcliff - January 2019