Other Common Names
Australian Crow, Oleander Butterfly

I see a lot of these butterflies around the North Sydney area, and I've seen a couple in the Botanical Gardens in the city. I don't recall ever seeing one anywhere near where I live. I don't think it's the distance, because this is a migratory species. I've just about concluded that these butterflies are typical North Shore snobs, who wouldn't be seen dead in the Western Suburbs.
This species could be found in Waverton Park right through the winter. They fly in dull weather, even in light rain. I think they breed on the fig trees in the park, but I haven't found any larvae or pupae.

North Sydney, McMahons Point, Waverton and Wollstonecraft - all year round.
Royal Botanical Gardens - April, May and June 2004
Chapmans Hill, Wyong - April 2008
Lansdowne Reserve - August 2008, August 2009