Other Common Names
Green Fanny

The easiest place to see this species is in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. I'd never been able to get a chance to take any photos of them until early May 2004, when I saw one feeding from white lantana bushes near the gate where the Botanic gardens joins onto the Conservatorium of Music. Unfortunately the area was in the shade, because of the tall buildings nearby. The resulting poor light, plus the constant fluttering of the wings so typical of Graphium species (infuriating!) made it difficult to get decent pictures. Still, at least one of them is properly focussed.
In February and March 2005 I saw several of these butterflies feeding from those same white lantanas, but unfortunately they were no easier to photograph.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney - April and May 2004, February and March 2005.
Mount Annan - March 2007
Blackheath - January 2008, December 2008
Lawson - October 2008