Other Common Names
Spotted Skipper, Northern Spotted Skipper

So far I've only seen a few individuals. The first was feeding from flowers at the side of a path in the Ingleburn Reserve. He flew off before I had a chance to properly see what he was, but I waited for a while and he came back, and fed for long enough for me to get a couple of pictures. I saw another a few weeks later, but was unable to get any photos. Then in March 2005 I saw a female basking low down by the side of a path, and was able to get a few pictures before disturbing her whilst trying to get a look at the underside of her wings.

Ingleburn Reserve - October, November 2004; March 2005; March 2007.
Sydney Harbour National Park, Manly - March 2005
Newport - April 2005
Lawson - December 2008