I found this species in The Glen Bushland Reserve, near Jannali. There's a spot there where a short boardwalk takes you out into a swampy area, and I saw a number of these butterflies there. I spent quite some time there, willing the butterflies to land so I could photograph them, but they were all impersonating perpetual-motion machines, flying constantly amongst the sedges. I could see they were some species of Hesperilla, but I couldn't tell which one.
I had given up hope of getting any photos, and was just starting to walk away, when I spotted a mating pair that were not just settled, but were within range of my camera.

Jannali - April 2005, March 2008, November 2008, November 2009.
Glenbrook - March 2006, April 2017, April 2018
Avalon - October 2017, February 2018