I saw quite a lot of these butterflies in the Blue Mountains in late March 2005. I've found them to be very difficult to approach, as they are very wary. I have found, however, that they are much easier to photograph when the sun goes behind a cloud. When the sun is shining the butterflies are very active, but when the sun goes in they tend to land and pose with their wings open, unless it gets too gloomy in which case they close their wings. So the best way to get photos of this species is to look for them on a partly cloudy day. You spot them when they're flying in the sunshine, and photograph them when they settle in a cloudy period.

Lawson, Blue Mountains - March 2005.
Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains - March 2005; March 2006
Blackheath - March 2006
Barrington Tops national Park - January 2010