I first found this species in the bush near Springwood, in the Blue Mountains. All the butterflies I've seen there have been females, which were all in shady gullies. Generally I've spotted them only because I've disturbed them, they usually fly a short distance and then settle again, relying on their well-camouflaged undersides. When settled they're easy enough to photograph, as long as you don't care about getting photos of the uppersides. They generally keep their wings closed, opening them quickly every now and then, presumably to startle would-be predators.

I found some males at Bola Creek in the Royal National Park. I wasn't having any luck getting photos of them, as they were not easy to approach, until one of them came and landed on the bushwalking book I was carrying.

Springwood - December 2004, February 2005.
Bola Creek, Royal National Park - December 2005
Ourimbah - November 2018