I looked for this species several times before I finally got pics in December 2008. It can be found along the Mangrove Boardwalk close to the Cairns airport, though I didn't see it there in August 2007. I saw one in September 2008, but it was startled by the flash and I only captured a shot of a copper-coloured blur. I got shots of H. narcissus both times, but nothing useable of this species. I also looked for it at Redland Bay, near Brisbane, but it wasn't around at the time (got H. epicurus though). In December 2008, however, there were a few of them along the Cairns boardwalk, and after getting a couple of OK-ish shots one day I finally got some good pics the following day. When it flies around, this would have to be one of the fastest butterflies I've ever seen.

Cairns - September 2008, December 2008, April 2011