I had begun to believe that Hypochrysops butterflies didn't really exist, as despite many attempts to find them I'd never seen one. Whilst in Cairns in August 2007, Bob Miller tipped me off that both this species and H. apelles could be found on the Mangrove Boardwalk close to Cairns Airport. I walked right around the looped boardwalk with no luck, so I tried the other boardwalk and saw a Narcissus Jewel within 10 yards of the carpark. According to the books, these butterflies are mostly seen flying rapidly around the canopy and dogfighting to defend their territories. But this butterfly hadn't read the books, and it was flying slowly around at knee height and landing frequently. I'm guessing it was a female looking for sites to lay eggs. Unfortunately the dappled light made it hard to get photos, and none of my pics do justice to this beautiful little butterfly.

In September 2008 I returned to the Boardwalk with Bob, and we saw a few of these butterflies. The males were dogfighting, but we saw a female behaving the same as the year before, and in exactly the same place.

Cairns - August 2007, September 2008, December 2008, April 2011, November 2012, March 2016
Innisfail - February 2018