Other Common Names
Dusky-bordered Ringlet, Darwin Ringlet

I've been finding these in the grassy open forest in certain areas in the Ingleburn Reserve. They're not found in as many areas as H. pseudirius, or in such great numbers. In the places I've found them, they've generally been disputing the ownership of certain sunspots with H. pseudirius and Candalides hyacinthina, and sometimes Vanessa kershawi as well. It gets confusing, seeing several butterflies of 3 or 4 different species all chasing each other around. It can also be very frustrating when the one you want to photograph gets disturbed by one of the others just as you get into a good position to photograph it!

I found this species in greater numbers at Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains, where in places there were dozens flying at a time in March 2006.

Ingleburn Reserve - October 2004; March 2005
Glenbrook - December 2005; February, March 2006
Darwin - April 2018