Other Common Names
White-spotted Ringlet

I first saw some of these butterflies in the Georges River National Park, but I was unable to get any photos of them. In October 2004 I began finding them in the Ingleburn Reserve. I've seen a few of them there, though not any great numbers, but it's hard to get close enough for any pictures. They rarely keep their wings open for long enough for me to get any photos of their uppersides, which is a shame as they're quite attractive.

In October 2005, I saw a relatively large number of these butterflies in the bush around Helensburgh. They weren't abundant, but they were not hard to find. Also, early in the morning I was able to get some pictures of a female basking whilst feeding from flowers.
I also saw several on the Oaks Fire Trail between Woodford and Glenbrook, mainly at the Woodford end of the trail.

Georges River National Park - March 2004; September 2005
Ingleburn Reserve - October 2004
Helensburgh - October 2005
Woodford - October 2005
Jenolan - February 2008