Other Common Names
Varied Eggfly, Blue Moon

The first one of these I photographed was actually the first butterfly I "caught" with my new digital camera. I saw him fluttering around my swimming pool, so I grabbed the camera and took a couple of shots. If I'd known at the time that I was going to undertake this project I would have taken more photos, especially as he showed no sign of being bothered by my presence. The female was similarly happy to pose for photos. She was a bit restless at first, and took flight several times as I approached. But once she found a comfortable spot she just sat there and posed while I took dozens of shots.
The third one I spotted was in the Royal Botanical Gardens, in May 2004. The other two I'd seen were worn specimens, especially the male in February, but the male I spotted in May looked to be in perfect condition. I think he proves that this species was breeding around Sydney in Summer/Autumn 2004. This guy had not migrated, he looked newly hatched.

Ingleburn - February 2004.
Waverton Park, near North Sydney - May 2004.
Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney - May, December 2004
Cairns - October 2005, April 2006
Kuranda Butterfly Sanctuary - October 2005
Darwin - April 2018