Other Common Names
Pea Blue, Pea-pod Argus, Tailed Blue, Long-tailed Blue

Reportedly a very common species, it took me months to actually find it. Eventually I found a number of them around the beds of native peas at Mount Annan Botanic Gardens.
I find this a very frustrating species to photograph. According to the books they're strong fliers, and they certainly do spend most of their time flitting rapidly around as if they've overdosed on amphetamines.
I finally found a couple of females that were looking to lay eggs - which meant that they switched to slow flight and they actually landed at times, so I was able to get a few photos.
To be honest, I was a bit disappointed by this species. They always look more attractive in the books than they did in life. Every specimen I got a decent look at was rather worn, which I suppose is hardly surprising since they fly so much......

In December 2004 I found more of these butterflies at Mount Annan. They were generally in better condition than those I'd seen previously, and they didn't fly so much as it was a mostly overcast day.

I saw quite a few of these butterflies when I visited Cairns in October 2005. Well, I think they were this species - there were quite a lot of similar butterflies, and I definitely photographed one of these.

Mount Annan Botanic Garden - October, December 2004
Cairns - October 2005