Other Common Names
Plumbago Blue

I like these guys a lot - it's nice to see them flitting around the plumbago in my garden. I let the bush grow a bit wild, and was rewarded with a population of about half a million butterflies (or so it seemed!) during the early autumn. The adults are practically impossible to photograph during the hottest parts of the day, if it's sunny, as they flit around maniacally almost the whole time. Even if one does land, another one disturbs it immediately. The best time to photograph them is early in the morning, when they bask in the sun. This is particularly true for males, but less so for females.
The larvae feed on the flower heads of the plumbago, but are small and so I have difficulty photographing them at the moment, as I don't have a telephoto lens. I've found the eggs, but they're way too small for me to get any photos.

Wherever there's a plumbago bush.