I'd read that this was a very common species in Queensland, but for the first couple of days I was in Cairns I didn't see any, though I went looking for them in the evenings. I finally spotted one perched by the side of a ditch shortly before dusk one evening, and was able to get a couple of photos before disturbing it.
Subsequently I saw the occasional specimen, generally when I disturbed one during the day. Every time they flew off quickly, but not very far. However their camouflage is very good, so in many cases I couldn't find them when they landed. Even if I was able to see exactly where they settled, I was never able to get close enough to take pictures before they flew off again, so I didn't manage to add to the original photos of the first one I spotted.

Cairns - October 2005, August 2007, September 2008
Darwin - April 2018