Other Common Names
Aeluropis Skipper, Mountain Skipper

I saw one of these skippers flying around the track at Blackheath on Australia Day in 2008. It landed and I took one pic before it flew off again; unfortunately the camera was beautifully focussed on a nearby pebble, and the butterfly was just a useless blur.
I finally got a couple of pics at the Cathedral Rock National Park in November 2008. There had been snow in the area only 3 weeks before, so it's possible that they were late emerging, as there were only one or two around even though there was plenty of the foodplant around and in flower.

Blackheath - January 2008, January 2011, November 2018

Cathedral Rock National Park - November 2008, December 2013
Zig Zag - November 2015, November 2016, November 2017