Other Common Names
Halyzia Skipper

Although this is supposed to be a common species, I didn't come across it until I went to Springwood in the Blue Mountains, in February 2005.
On that occasion, I saw a few of thse butterflies around; never many in the same place, but I bumped into them here and there - always on the slopes or tops of hills. All of my photos on that day were of one particular female who spent a lot of time settled, and when disturbed generally just flew slowly off to another perch. She always landed on twigs or plants very close to ground level.
In Autumn 2005 I began to find this butterfly in one or two other places, such as the reserve at Ingleburn, and Lawson in the Blue Mountains. I've never seen it in numbers in any one place, just a few butterflies here and there, generally on grassy slopes.

Springwood - February 2005.
Ingleburn - March 2005
Lawson - March 2005
Pennant Hills - March 2005
Newport - April 2005