Other Common Names
Tepper's Skipper, Western Three-spotted Skipper.

I first saw this butterfly on a hilltop near the Oaks Fire Trail close to Glenbrook. My first sighting was of its underside, and I thought it was Trapezites eliena, which was present on the same hilltop. When it opened its wings, however, I realised it wasn't a Trapezites species at all.
Unfortunately, I was only able to get one photo. Every time I got close to it, it flew off to engage in a territorial battle with another butterfly, usually Candalides hyacinthina or Neolucia agricola.
The following weekend I walked the length of the Oaks Fire Trail from Woodford to Glenbrook. About 15km from Glenbrook I found two of these butterflies disputing a section of the path. It was hard to get any pictures, because as soon as one of them landed the other one would fly past and they'd be at it again. Eventually, I chased one of them off so I could get picturs of the other one :-). I did see another specimen a few km further on, but was unable to get any photos.
This species was relatively common in the dune heaths on the Kurnell Peninsula in October 2005. I saw a number of males defending territories in the sand dunes, sometimes 4 or 5 of them in one small patch of sand.
I finally got photos of a female in the Royal National Park, on the track from Heathcote to Waterfall.

Glenbrook, lower Blue Mountains - September 2005, October 2008.
Between Woodford and Glenbrook - October 2005.
Kurnell Peninsula - October 2005.
Heathcote - November 2005
Lesmurdie, WA - October 2008
Koondoola, WA - November 2008
Blackheath - November 2008, November 2009, December 2009, January 2013, October 2014
Ngarkat Conservation Park, SA - November 2017