This species was common around Cairns when I visited in October 2005. They were in the rainforest, in the parks, in the Botanic Gardens etc etc.
Most of the time I saw them flying low down, just for short distances before settling. They usually kept their wings closed when settled, but on an overcast day I saw them basking with their wings open, though they closed them when they realised I was there.

I was at Cairns near the end of the dry season, but I didn't see any specimens of the "dry-season form", ie with very small eye-spots on the undersides. I did see wet-season forms, with large eye-spots, as well as examples that were intermediate between the dry and wet season forms.

In the grassy slopes near a hilltop this species was flying with Hypocysta irius. On the wing the two species look fairly similar, and they had some fairly intense territorial battles so perhaps the butterflies think they're similar too ;-)

On my second Cairns trip in April 2006 this species was if anything even more abundant that before. They seemed to be much more willing to bask with their wings open, but that may have been because the weather was mainly overcast.

Cairns - October 2005, April 2006, August 2007, September 2008, December 2008
Brisbane - November 2008