Other Common Names
Double-spotted Line-blue, Double Spotted Blue

According to the books this is one of the commonest species in the country, being found everywhere and being on the wing just about the whole year.
Yet for some reason I couldn't find it for months. I went looking for it several times, and I looked at hundreds of flowering wattle trees, finding millions of bees but none of these butterflies.
I finally found them at the end of August 2004, when I went to the Simmo's Beach Reserve at Macquarie Fields. I wouldn't have said they were abundant, but I did see quite a number of them. One the way back, I stopped in at the Ingleburn Reserve, and I saw a few of them there too.

Simmo's Beach, Macquarie Fields - August 2004.
Ingleburn Reserve - August, October 2004.
Mount Ainslie, ACT - February 2010