Other Common Names
Fringed Blue

A small species, and they're really hard to follow in flight owing to their unspectacular brown colour. The easiest way to spot them tends to be when they get involved in a territorial dispute, as they are a bit bolshy and like to chase other butterflies off.
They're generally hard to approach, which makes it a bit difficult to get photos. I continually find that just as I'm getting ready to take a picture, the subject flies off. Plenty of patience is required, and a few well-chosen expletives come in handy as well.
I can't help wondering why their common name includes the word "Blue", when there isn't the slightest hint of blue about them at all.
I first found this species in bushland close to East Hills. I subsequently found it in the reserve at Ingleburn, though only in one small area (so far), and not as many specimens as at East Hills.

East Hills - October 2004.
Ingleburn - October 2004.
Glenbrook - September 2005.
Just about everywhere I went around Perth, WA - Oct/Nov 2008