Other Common Names
Eastern Flat

I saw one battered individual a couple of times in the Royal Botanical Gardens. It was a cloudy morning, which is reportedly the sort of weather this species prefers. The name "Flat" is well-deserved, as this butterfly really does sit with its wings open at 180 degrees - it's flatter than my ex-wife.
My second sighting was a hilltopping male in the Royal National Park near Heathcote. He was happy enough to pose for photos, though he regularly took off for a quick tour around the hilltop, before returning to perch again on a low shrub.

Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney - February 2005.
Heathcote - November 2005
Blackheath - December 2008, November 2012
Mount Sugarloaf, NSW - November 2010, December 2010
Cairns - November 2013