Other Common Names
Amaryllis Azure

Supposedly this species is common enough around Sydney, but I never saw it until I went to Perth. I first saw a female when I was at Lesmurdie; she was perched in a small young tree, around head height, but I didn't see her until she flew off when I walked past. She flew off to an even smaller tree, but didn't stay long and I didn't get any shots. Shortly afterwards, however, she went and landed about 4 or 5 metres up in another tree, and I was able to get 2 shots.
I saw this species flying around several wattles in gardens at Lesmurdie, but they were always too high up and didn't settle. But whilst walking from one piece of bushland to another, I saw a male come down to 1 metre off the ground to feed from a bottlebrush, and I was able to get a couple of close-ups, followed by some longer shots when he moved to higher flowers on the same plant.

Lesmurdie, WA - October 2008.
Nepean River, Penrith - January 2010
The Pinnacles, WA - November 2017