Other Common Names
Genoveva Azure

These butterflies appeared occasionally at the Blackheath hilltop where I photographed Hesperilla mastersi. These azures would fly around rapidly, immediately attracting the attention of other hilltoppers who seemed very intent on chasing away Ogyris above anything else around (except perhaps for the Hypochrysops delicia). I'm sure these Ogyris would have settled more often but for the constant pestering from other species. The first shot I got was of a female, who landed in a tree just about within range of my macro lens. I got a reasonable shot of her underside, and also a shot of her flashing her wings; it's not a good shot because of her movement, but I've included it here as it does show her lovely blue colour. I had more sightings of males, but didn't get so good a shot. Initially one landed close to where I photographed the female, though higher up hence the shot is not much good. Later on a male landed only about 3 feet off the ground - I got a shot but it's rubbish really. I had thought I stuffed up by snatching at it, but I now think he just moved, as the twig he's sitting on isn't blurred. I've included this shot here, just to show that these things do sometimes settle low down, though that still doesn't guarantee a decent photo!

Blackheath - November 2009
Mount Sugarloaf, NSW - November 2010, December 2010
Avalon - February 2014