Other Common Names
Olane Azure

OK, I admit it, the first of these butterflies I photographed was a bit of a cheat. The guy had been caught in a net by my butterflying mate Alan Hopkinson, who stunned it and so I was able to plonk it down on some twigs and take photos. That's why the butterfly looks so glassy-eyed (as I did myself that day, since it was the day after having a few beers at the office Christmas party).
A couple of months later I was able to get a few shots without having to cheat. I had to wait there for about 5 hours to get a handful of photos, but it was nice to get some shots of this species without the subject looking like he'd been glued to a tree.

Katoomba - November 2009, December 2009, February 2010.
Blackheath - December 2011, February 2011