Other Common Names
Dark Silver Xenica

The only place close to home I've found this butterfly, so far, is alongside the Jamison Creek at Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains. They weren't there in great numbers, but I did see several in the area. They were all quite close to the town of Wentworth Falls - I didn't see any at all further along the track towards the waterfalls themselves.
I found this to be quite a hard species to photograph. They're not too hard to approach, as long as care is taken, but as the camera gets close they often tend to fly off. I did find, however, that if I stalked enough of the butterflies I would find that eventually one would stay there long enough for me to get some pictures.

Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains - March 2005, March 2008.
Barrington Tops - January 2010
Brindabella Ranges, ACT - January 2010
Kanangra Boyd National Park - March 2013
Mt Ginini, ACT - March 2018