Other Common Names
Citrus Swallowtail

We've only got a tiny little orange tree in our garden, but every year we get the larvae of this species feeding on it.
I see the adults a lot, but I've never been able to get any photos of them. In fact, I've never even got close. I've never seen one of them land at all.
To get photos of the adults, I had to cheat and keep some of the pupae from my orange tree until they hatched. The first was a female, from a larva that pupated in May, which hatched in early December 2004. She only sat still for a very short time before flying off, so I didn't get many photos. I think the next one will spend a few minutes in the fridge before being released, to slow it down for a bit.....
I was eventually able to get a couple of photos of an adult male without having to cheat. I was in the Auburn Botanic Gardens in January 2005, and most of the time it was very cloudy and not very bright at all. A male butterfly flew past and settled on a small shrub nearby. I was able to get a couple of photos before I disturbed him. They're not great pictures, largely because the light was not at all good. I also found that the sheer size of the butterfly made it hard to get it properly in shot.

Ingleburn - February to May, then October to December 2004.
Waverton - February to May, then October to December 2004
Cairns - October 2005
Kuranda Butterfly Sanctuary - October 2005
Almost everywhere really