Other Common Names
Common Swift

On my first trip to Cairns I mostly saw these butterflies in the Cairns Central Swamp, but they were also in the park and the Botanic Gardens. One of the males in the Swamp provided me with a funny moment - when I took his picture it was early in the morning and the light wasn't so good, so I needed the flash. Every time the flash went off he visibly jumped, and he really looked as if he was thinking "What the....?". It didn't make him fly off though.

When I returned to Cairns the following April, I saw a lot more of these butterflies; they were very common in the grassy areas below the rainforest. I suppose I really should have got more photos of them......

Cairns - October 2005, April 2006, January 2009
Kuranda - May 2010
Darwin - April 2018