Other Common Names
Dingy Grass-dart

This is one of those butterflies that I finally saw after years of looking for it; I think the attraction was partly the fact that it's a Dart that is actually easy to identify...... There were one or two of them around on a hillside near Atherton, and several more on another hillside near Herberton. I didn't get many shots, however, as they were not very co-operative at all. I wish they'd been more like S. sunias, which was also at the Herberton site and was much more willing to pose for photos.
I think this is a very cute little thing, more interesting to see that the average Dart.

Atherton, QLD - January 2009
Herberton, QLD - January 2009
Queen Mary's Falls, near Killarney QLD - March 2009
Mount Kuring-gai - December 2014