Other Common Names
White Grass Dart

This is a very small species of skipper. I think I've probably seen this species often, especially at the Ingleburn Recreation Reserve, but it's easy to overlook them as there are always lots of more obvious butterflies around.
In early August 2004 I saw several of these skippers at Mount Annan. I found them by looking for flowers in the grass, as these butterflies are very hard to spot unless they are feeding. It took me a long time to get photos of the white band on the underside of the hind wing, because they rarely sit in a position that shows it. They tend to land and only rest with their wings up over their backs for a brief period, before flattening the hind wings down. As they usually rest so low down, it makes it very hard to photograph the underside of the hind wings.
In September 2004 this species was very common at Mount Annan - in certain areas they were darting around all over the place.

In Oct/Nov 2008 I saw several specimens of ssp agraulia around Perth. They don't really look much like the east coast version (ssp papyria) at all.

Ingleburn Recreation Reserve - May, September, October 2004.
Mount Annan Botanic Garden - August, September, October 2004. Wentworth Falls - February 2009