Other Common Names
Varied Sword-grass Brown, Large Wood Brown

The first one of these butterflies I saw was in the Georges River NP, by the lagoon. I saw it flying, and it really was a very attractive sight. It settled on some tall grass, which I presume was swordgrass, but I was only able to get one photo of it.
In October 2004 I saw a couple of them in the Ingleburn Reserve. One of them was hanging around the junction between two paths, disputing the area with a male Heteronympha merope. The butterfly periodically landed on the ground or on very low shrubs; I had difficulty getting close to it, but eventually was able to get a few photos.
When I went to Lawson in the Blue Mountains, in late November 2004, I saw large numbers of these butterflies. Seeing them is one thing, but photographing them is a completely different matter. The only specimen that was willing to land for long enough for me to take any pictures was a really worn individual, who looked just about on its last legs (or wings), and needed to rest most of the time.
In late January I was fortunate enough to see subspecies regalis at Barrington Tops. Unfortunately, they were not cooperating. They kept on flying away as I approached, and even when I did get close enough to take a photo they always jumped as the flash went off. And I had to use the flash, as it was very overcast.

Georges River National Park - March 2004
Ingleburn Reserve - October, November 2004
Lawson, Blue Mountains - November 2004
Springwood, Blue Mountains - December 2004, February 2005