Other Common Names
Eliena Skipper

When I first spotted one, it was fluttering around by the side of the path, looking for a place to hide because the sun had just gone in. I got a few pictures of it with its wings closed, some of which are a bit out of focus because the light wasn't that great. A few minutes later, when the sun came out again, I got a couple more photos as it basked on a piece of grass.
A week later, I saw another one in an area close to where I'd seen the first one. This second specimen was much more worn and battered than the original.
I only saw the occasional specimen at Ingleburn, but at Glenbrook I saw a number of them in September 2005. They were not easy to photograph, mainly bcause they were continually taking off to chase away some other butterfly.

I saw them in many places around Brisbane in November 2008 - they seemed to turn up in just about every area of bushland I visited, except for the mangrove swamps!

Ingleburn Reserve - October, December 2004; March 2005.
Glenbrook, Lower Blue Mountains - September 2005, September 2008
Just about everywhere around Brisbane - November 2008