Other Common Names
Maheta Skipper

This had been amongst my top target species for my trip to Brisbane in November 2008, but as things turned out it's most common a few weeks earlier, and it was beginning to look as if I wouldn't see it.
The one I finally saw was in a garden at Beerwah; it perched several times around the same area, but wasn't being especially co-operative. I must admit, I am not 100% certain of the ID, as T. maheta and T. praxedes are very similar. From the underside I'd be likely to say it was praxedes, but the upperside led me to decide it was actually maheta. On the underside, the silver spots can vary in size in both species, but I've never seen a photo or specimen of praxedes with such small upperside spots as the butterfly I photographed.

Beerwah, QLD - November 2008
Atherton, QLD - February 2018