Other Common Names
Common White-spot Skipper

I first saw this species in late October 2004, in the Ingleburn Reserve. The first one was feeding on a Pimelea flower, and I was able to get a few photos before it flew off. A bit later I saw another one, which appeared to be a female looking for a site to lay eggs. It was fluttering slowly around some coarse grasses, but never landed long enough for me to get any pictures.
The following weekend I saw this species a few times, in fact it was the most common of the larger skippers to be found in the Ingleburn Reserve at the time.

On the whole, this is just about the least exciting looking of the Trapezites skippers to be seen around Sydney. So if T. symmomus is the "Splendid Ochre", perhaps this species should be called the "Medi Ochre" :-)

Ingleburn Reserve - October, November 2004; March 2005.
Glenbrook, lower Blue Mountains - September 2005
Karawatha Forest, Brisbane - November 2008
Spring Mountain - November 2008