Other Common Names
Praxedes Skipper

When I first saw this species, in the Royal National Park in April 2004, I saw a few of these butterflies in one small area. It wasn't easy to get photos of them, because as soon as one of them settled another one would fly past and they'd be off chasing each other around. The surprising thing was the sound - their wings beat so rapidly that they hummed quite loudly. At one point there were 4 of the things zipping around my head, and it was like being attacked by a flock of hummingbirds.
In October 2004 I found a male of this species sitting on a path in the Ingleburn Reserve. Initially I thought he must be a different species as his colours were so different to those I'd seen in April. But I now think the difference is simply because this specimen was newly-emerged, whilst the ones I'd seen the previous autumn were old, worn specimens.
In March / April 2005 I seemed to come across this butterfly just about every time I went walking in any bushland area. Usually I encountered males, either sitting on the path or perching on bushes near hilltops.

Royal National Park, close to Bundeena - April 2004.
Ingleburn Reserve - October 2004; March 2005
Lawson - March 2005, March 2008, January 2010
Hornsby - March 2005
Jannali - April 2005
Newport - April 2005
Glenbrook - February, March 2006, April 2008, February 2010
Brooklyn - April 2010