Trapezites phigalioides Montane Ochre


I’ve recently received a couple of emails from people who said they liked my photos but thought it was a shame the pictures were all so small. It turned out that they were only viewing the thumbnails and hadn’t realised larger photos were also there to view just by clicking. One person suggested I should provide some tips for navigation through the gallery, which I thought was fair enough as there are a lot of images in there.

In addition, it appears that several people are not aware of some of the other options available. I have therefore created this video showing how to find your way through the 8000+ photos in the gallery :

In case you don’t want to watch the video, some of the tips are covered below. But I think it’s more fun to watch the video…

Species page thumbnails

Every species page contains one or more thumbnail photos. I’m using Lightbox so each thumbnail is a clickable link allowing you to see a larger version of the picture. 

The larger photos act as a slideshow; you can click at the left of the picture to view the next photo (unless you’re currently viewing the last one) or to the right to see the previous photo (unless you’re viewing the first one). Clicking the “X” button will return you to the thumbnails.

Viewing tips


For many species (though by no means all) I have photos of a combination of the following : Males, Females, eggs (Ova), caterpillars (Larvae), chrysalids (Pupae) and different subspecies. These species pages have a lis of options above the thumbnails, allowing you to apply a filter to the thumbnails that are shown for this species.

For example the page for Hypochrysops delicia (Moonlight Jewel) is shown below. It has filters allowing you to view All thumbnails, Adults only, Males only, Females only, Larvae only, Pupae only, the subspecies delicia or the subspecies duaringae. Whichever filter is currently in use is shown in black (the “All” option in the screenshot below) whilst the other available options are shown in white.

Viewing tips
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