Hypochrysops delicia (Moonlight Jewel)

Moonlight Jewel (Hypochrysops delicia)

Australia has 18 species of Hypochrysops butterflies, commonly known as Jewels, all of which rank somewhere between Very Pretty and Holy Shit That’s Stunning! on the…
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Theclinesthes serpentatus (Saltbush Blue)

Photo Gallery update : May 2019

I have updated Photo Gallery with the photos from my 3 most recent butterflying trips, namely : Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney on 07/05/2019 Glenbrook and…
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Danaus petilia Lesser Wanderer

Mount Annan Botanic Gardens

Located just past Campbelltown in Sydney’s outer south-west, the Mount Annan Botanic Garden is well worth a visit, particularly during the autumn when some of…
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Hypocysta adiante (Orange Ringlet)

Glenbrook : Cox Street bushland

Glenbrook, in the lower Blue Mountains, is home to several good butterfly sites, one of them being the bushland at the end of Cox Street.…
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Acrodipsas aurata Golden Ant-blue

The Golden Ant-blue (Acrodipsas aurata)

There’s just something irresistible about Ant-blues in general, and the Golden Ant-blue (Acrodipsas aurata) in particular. They are small butterflies and even I could hardly…
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Australian Pierid butterflies from the collection of Al Hopkinson

Butterfly collecting : my opinion

Butterfly collecting is a very divisive subject amongst those of us who have a passion for these fascinating insects. At times, I’ve been saddened by…
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Mystery Hesperilla underside

What the hell is this?

Ross McLaren recently sent me these photos of a skipper he caught in Far North Queensland, the identity of which is something of a mystery…
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Papilio ulysses bilateral gynandromorph

Ulysses Swallowtail gynandromorph

This specimen of Papilio ulysses (Ulysses Swallowtail) resides in the collection of my mate Al Hopkinson, who very kindly provided the photo for this blog…
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Acrodipsas violacea Ant Blue

The 11th Ant-Blue : Acrodipsas violacea

When Michael Braby’s enormous 2-volume tome Butterflies of Australia : Their Identification, Biology and Distribution was published in 2000 it included 9 species of Ant-Blues, a group…
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Hypochrysops ignitus Fiery Jewel

Fiery Jewel in the Blue Mountains

On 12 January 2019 I found my first ever NSW specimen of Hypochrysops ignitus (Fiery Jewel), after previously photographing this species in QLD, SA and…
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Sahulana scintillata Glistening Line blue

Photo Gallery update : Feb 2019

Coalcliff 31/01/2019. This was my annual unsuccessful attempt to get photos of the Dark Shield-skipper (Signeta tymbophora). I walked the Wodi Wodi Track from where…
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